New Frontiers

Regulatory reform for derivatives and the demand for greater efficiency have driven a number of marketplace changes, including the growth of electronic trading. The infrastructure of the Canadian electronic interest rate swaps market, introduced by CanDeal and Tradeweb in late 2012, satisfies the current regulatory requirements and enables cross-border activity. The marketplace delivers significantly increased transparency, more efficient trade execution and access to unique business intelligence data, while reducing risk for both buy- and sell-side participants.

End-to-end connectivity allows participants to execute quickly and with certainty, while providing seamless connections to all major Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs) and affirmation vendors, allowing participants to centrally clear trades with ease. Additional benefits include:

  • One subscription. Two currencies - CAD & USD IRS
  • Deepest pool of CAD IRS liquidity - 10 participating dealers
  • Access to 11 additional currencies via Tradeweb

Price Discovery
Sourced directly from our dealer network, the marketplace provides a real-time view of the Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar swaps market. Pricing for the complete curve, from one to 30 years, is continuously updated throughout the day. In addition to the CAD and USD rates, participants have the ability to view and trade in 11 additional currencies.

Trading Efficiency
Trade with confidence and certainty. Electronic trading provides transactional efficiencies that cannot be replicated on the telephone. Execute trades within a matter of seconds - the best price is automatically highlighted to improve best execution. Instantly confirm and allocate your trades electronically. Streamline and simplify your entire trade cycle.

Trusted Marketplace
The CanDeal platform currently accounts for 94% of dealer-to-client Canadian-dollar interest rate swaps traded through swap execution facilities (SEFs). Market participants are embracing the opportunities for both price discovery and operational efficiencies, and taking advantage of modern innovations such as compression and a wide range of non-vanilla swap products.

Mitigate risk by leveraging seamless trade allocation, confirmation and processing. In addition to straight-through processing (STP), participants are empowered with valuable information when they execute trades on the platform. With this data, participants can attribute performance, quantify and demonstrate best execution and review their business from a compliance and oversight perspective.

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