• Oct13 Press Release

    Toronto, October 9, 2020; CanDeal, the leading provider of Canadian financial markets, data and information services, has been appointed by FTSE Russell Canada to provide pricing for its Canadian fixed i

  • Oct13 Article
    Waters Technology | FTSE Taps CanDeal as One-Stop Shop for ‘Enhanced’ Dealer Data - October 13, 2020

    The agreement will streamline the process by which FTSE Canada collects quotes from dealers, and provide enhanced datasets for the creation of new indexes.

    Index provider FTSE Canada—the former FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets joint venture—is preparing to go live with dealer pricing from Canadian dealer-backed fixed-income and derivatives trading platform CanDeal to support its Canadian Bond Index Suite, and for inclusion in its

  • Sep08 Article
    Corporate Bond Trading: Now Live! - September 08, 2020

    CanDeal is pleased to launch the premier Corporate Bond Trading solution, uniquely made for Canada! Trade corporates on CanDeal Evolution – the one platform for ALL your fixed income trading.

    Learn more about the new solution or contact us.