• Dec16 Press Release

    Toronto, December 16, 2019; CanDeal, a leading institutional electronic marketplace for Canadian debt and derivatives trading, has surpassed $25 trillion in total trading volume on its marketplace, marking one of the Company’s more significant achievements and a milestone for electronic dealing in Canadian dollar products for its participants.

    With an average daily volume exceeding $12 billion in 2019, CanDeal offers a deep liquidity pool for Canadian debt securities and will continue to work with marketplace participants to create functionality and workflow efficiencies to optimize the experience for their benefit.

    “We are pleased to have participated in the transaction that pushed CanDeal over the $25 trillion milestone,” said Nick Wang, Director at BMO Capital Markets. “We look forward to building upon this success.”

  • Dec13 Intelligence
    Charities receive a donation from our December Coupon Contest - December 13, 2019

    Thank you to all participants who entered CanDeal’s December Coupon Contest. 
    The winner is Lino Cappucci from Van Berkom, whose guess of $20.6 billion nearly matched the actual two-day total trading volume, before and after the December 1 maturity date, of $20.96 billion! CanDeal has made a $1,000 donation, on Lino Cappucci’s behalf, split between Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Alzheimer Society. We are very pleased to support our clients’ charities to express how much we value our relationship with you. 

  • Nov07 Article
    CanDeal Unveils ‘More Accurate’ Bond Pricing Feed - November 07, 2019

    Canadian fixed-income and derivatives trading platform CanDeal has launched a new real-time pricing service for Canadian bonds, dubbed MarketPrice, which incorporates new pricing inputs and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a more accurate reflection of market prices, as well as expected price movements.

    “By incorporating several factors, we are able to produce an indicative price not only for where trades are taking place now, but where they are likely to take place in the future,” says Jamie Grant, President of CanDeal Markets.

    Access the full article on WatersTechnology.