News & Press Releases

  • Aug19 Press Release


    Toronto – August 19, 2003 – Inc., Canada’s leading on-line institutional multi-dealer to client debt securities trading system, today announced an important breakthrough for the Canadian Capital Markets industry mission to achieve straight-through-processing (STP). CanDeal is pleased to announce the launch of DealXpress™ Version 1.0, a new trade processing solution that can electronically pass matched trades completed on CanDeal through to a client’s portfolio management system.

  • Mar11 Press Release

    MARCH 11, 2003 (TORONTO) – Today,, Inc. has added Canada Mortgage Bonds (CMBs) to its electronic fixed income trading platform. CMBs are issued by the Canada Housing Trust, a special purpose trust created to issue the bonds. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) acts as the Financial Services Advisor to the Trust. The bonds are guaranteed by the Government of Canada through CMHC. The aggregate par value of the four issues outstanding is $17.9 billion.  Using the CanDeal system, institutional investors can see real-time bid and ask prices for each CMB issue, sourced from Canada’s six major investment dealers, and then trade them on-line in the secondary market using CanDeal’s Request for Quote (RFQ) trading protocol.