News & Press Releases

  • Feb05 Press Release

    TORONTO, Ontario (February 5, 2008) - CanDeal, the leading global online marketplace for Canadian dollar debt securities, is pleased to announce that it has released its New Client Viewer; to enhance the User’s experience and ability to create a personalized and more efficient dealing environment.

    The new CanDeal Client Viewer maintains all of the functionality of previous versions and it incorporates a new look and feel.  Many new features have been embedded into the new viewer. The most innovative additions include Personal Monitor (PMON) and “myBESTX”.  PMON allows users to create multiple custom monitors to track and trade securities that matter most, to them.  CanDeal’s “myBESTX” provides a real-time, quantified measure of the value created by the CanDeal Request for Quote auction process. This value-added feature allows users to track their daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly “BestX”.

  • Jan15 Press Release

    Montreal Quebec; Toronto Ontario (January 15, 2008) – CanDeal, the leading online marketplace for Canadian dollar debt securities, is pleased to announce that Laurentian Bank Securities (LBS) has joined CanDeal’s Canadian Money Market (CAMM) market as a contributing dealer.

    In 2006, Laurentian Bank Securities joined CanDeal as a liquidity provider for Government of Canada bonds, Canada Housing Trust - CMB’s and actively traded Provincial bonds. The addition of CAMM, allows LBS to continue on their commitment to meet the needs of new and existing clients by whatever manner they find most effective. “CanDeal provides us with an efficient, low risk dealing environment that complements our distribution strategy.” said Robert Sforza from LBS.

  • Nov13 Press Release

    TORONTO, Ontario (November 13, 2007) – CanDeal is pleased to report a 218% increase in the number of trades executed on its Canadian Money Market (CAMM) trading platform in the second half of its fiscal year, ended October 31, 2007.  “This rapid growth of trades is consistent with the U.S. and European experience and the widespread adoption of online trading in money markets, globally.  All of the leading dealers in the Canadian money market participate on CanDeal”, says Shirley Gallant, Managing Director for CanDeal. 

  • Aug08 Press Release
    $1 trillion traded on CanDeal - August 08, 2007

    TORONTO, Ontario (August 8, 2007) – A significant milestone in the history of CanDeal, Canada’s leading online marketplace for debt securities.  CanDeal is pleased to announce One Trillion Dollars in traded volume since inception.

    CanDeal continues to build considerable momentum.  The dollar volume traded in the past eleven months has surpassed the aggregate volume of all previous years.  “This is a significant milestone for CanDeal,” says Patrick O’Toole, VP of Fixed Income with CIBC Global Asset Management.  “CanDeal offers effective solutions that deliver financial benefits and efficiency gains in a compliance conscious environment, which directly benefit our stakeholders.”

  • Oct11 Press Release

    October 11, 2006 (TORONTO) – Today, CanDeal, Canada’s leader in multi-dealer to client online debt securities trading announced that the total volume of Canadian securities traded on it’s marketplace has surpassed $500 billion. This milestone was accompanied by several other CanDeal statistics that demonstrate increasing acceptance from market professionals who continue to embrace online debt trading as an integral part of their day to day workflow.